Green Tea Cupcake

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How to Make Green Tea Cupcake Recipe

The matcha green tea cupcakes are loaded with a unique and sharp matcha flavour which satisfies the craving for the unhealthy cupcake. Cupcakes are a must for kids, and most of them in the market is healthy and not nutritious for our body. So one can serve this green tea cupcake as an alternative to unhealthy cupcakes. We aim at a healthy and fit community, so we have chosen a few among the best that may add to your well-being. One of those recipes is the green tea matcha recipe. So keep reading to know more about this recipe.


PREP TIME 15 Minutes
COOK TIME 15 Minutes
TOTAL TIME 30 Minutes

INGREDIENTS Serving : For 2 people

We see many cookeries shows on the television but fail to cook them at home because the ingredients used in most of the dishes are fancy and unaffordable. So we have bought you a recipe that has minimal ingredients, is easy to make and tastes heavenly.

We have listed below all the ingredients you need for it.

  1. Green Tea Sachet – 1
  2. Coconut Sugar – 1 Bowl
  3. Olive oil – 1 Cup
  4. Egg – 1
  5. Oats Flour – ¾ Cup
  6. Baking Powder – ½ Tablespoon
  7. Salt – 1 Pinch


In the making of these yummy matcha green tea cupcakes, we have used Bagrry’s Oats Atta to make it healthy and delicious at the same time.


There are not many recipes that tick both the boxed nutritious as well as the taste. This recipe has both delicious flavour and nutritional value.

  1. Carbs – 21g
  2. Fat – 6g
  3. Protein – 2g
  4. Sodium 21g
  5. Potassium 81mg
  6. Cholesterol – 35mg

( Nutrition value is as per 2000 calories diet chart)


If you like the taste and flavour of any recipe at someone’s home or in a restaurant and happen to ask for its recipe, the person in front zips the mouth. But no need to worry anymore; we have your back.

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We have listed the secret recipe instructions for green tea cupcakes.

Follow the instructions and enjoy the cupcakes with your loved ones.

  • In a cup of hot water, put a green tea sachet and keep it for 3 – 4 minutes.
  • Keep the brewed green tea aside.
  • In an empty bowl, take coconut sugar and olive oil and whisk it till it converts itself into a smooth consistency. 
  • Put egg, oats, flour, baking powder, and a pinch of salt; gently mix all the ingredients in a thick consistency.
  • Now, add brewed green tea into the batter and mix it well.
  • Take a cupcake mould, grease it with oil and put the batter in it
  • Preheat an oven to 180 degrees and bake it for 15 minutes
  • Tale the mould out and let it rest for a few minutes
  • Now demould the cupcakes and let them cool for some time
  • Finally, your cupcake is ready to be served.
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